Mom’s Easter Eggs

4 oz. cream cheese
1/4 C. butter
1 T. milk

1/2 lb. 10X sugar (add more 10X if sticky)

Divide into 3 parts

Part I
Add 1 C. peanut butter
For 6 46oz jars all natural (no added sugar or sweetner) peanut butter = 17.35 C  (don’t divide into 3 parts)

23 oz cream cheese or lowfat  cottage                  cheese whipped fairly smooth                          1 1/4 C. butter                                                          5 Tbsp Skim milk                                                    2  to 2 1/2 lbs 10x (stiffer batter if hand rolling, less stiff for molds)


69 oz cream cheese or low fat cottage cheese
4 to 5 lbs 10x
1 C milk
4 1/2 C butter

Part II
Add 1 C. coconut

Part III
Add few drops of peppermint

Let sit 1/2 hr.

Shape and coat with chocolate

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