Original Constitionalists, 3 Bodies of Government and Political Parties

I do not wish to be affiliated with any political party. I belong to the Democratic party not because I am a democrat but because our current system tends to require a party affliation to participate effectively in elections and such. I believe, as George Washington did, that political parties are wrong and only serve to divide the people and the country. I have a lot more to say about this. That is for another day.
Democrats do stand for the National Anthem. Democrats believe in America as much as Republicans. To attack and lie about Democrats’ patriotism is Fake News. Are you aware that God and Jesus both list lying as a sin? We are commanded to take care of the poor not to judge them. We are commanded to serve others, not to be power hungry and greedy. A very rich man has a very had time following the Lord as he can only get rich by ignoring the commandments of God and Jesus. To atone for this he would have to give most of his riches back to those with less. Humanitarianism is a principal of the Declaration of Independence, an ideal the Founding Fathers built into our Constitution.
As I have mentioned the Constitution let me expound on some of my views about the Constiution. Also, the Declaration of Independence is the litmus test for all amendments the Constitution. If a law or amendment conflicts with the Declaration of Independence it needs to be removed from our Constitution. They were both created as a part of our government’s checks and balances.
As a true original constitutionalist I take exception to those who claim to be part of this group and 1) want religious beliefs to be law 2) want to reduce the power of the Federal Government and the Constitution to protect us from State and Local governments that deny and try to circumvent and/or take away our constitional rights 3) want to curtail free speech and attack the free press 4) don’t respect the constitional powers of the 3 bodies of government.
The president takes an oath to uphold our Consitution. He should not look for ways to dismantle or undermine our Consitution. The president is 1st and foremost our Chief Diplomat, is our Commander in Chief, and either signs into law or vetoes the bills created by Congress.
The Congress is the only body of the government that the constitution gave the power to make law. When laws are based upon party ideals we lose. The members of Congress 1st and foremost directive is to uphold the Constitution. Sadly, our members of Congress serve their political party 1st and the Consitution second.
The Supreme Court is also to uphold the Consitution. In order to uphold the Constitution the Supreme Court found it necessary to perform judicial review beginning in 1803. Judicial review is the process of determing whether a law is consitutional. This function is not clearly defined in the Constitution. Judicial review became the function of the Supreme Court during the case of Marbury vs. Madison. Prior to that the Supreme Court did not perform judicial review.
The Supreme Court is supposed to be an independent non party panel of judges. They are not to be part of any political process or subject to any particular political ideology. Sadly, the Supreme Court is not an independent panel anymore as our judges are chosen because of party affliations and party loyalty, i.e. how well the current president thinks they will interpret the consitution to meet his party’s ideals. Check out the writings of Hamilton and Madison that explain the Founding Fathers intent when creating the Supreme Court.
Be aware the “ism’s” (sexism, racism, classism etc) will never be solved by the government. The government needs them to divide the people and stay in power over the people. “We the People” will not have control of our government until we set our “ism’s” aside and become 1 People under 1 country and 1 constitution. Individuals are flawed and those flaws cannot be used to devalue good ideas and laws.


Distribute the Wealth

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The wage earner needs to make enough money to support the wage payer. What’s wrong with distributing the wealth, the middle class lives with mandatory trickle up economics but the upper class only has voluntary trickle down economics. They pay us what they want and charge us what they want. The upper class is dependent on the middle class for their wealth and expect us to continue to carry them, as they drive down our wages through increased prices, charging us more for benefits (a back door pay cut) and controlling the interest we pay on our loans.

Marriage for All

Our constitution states keep church and state separate. Since marriage is a religious issue no governing entity in this country should be defining marriage. Same-sex marriage is constitutionally protected. We need to protect our rights from dictator-like minds and governing enties. Otherwise we make a mockery of what our soldiers have fought and died for in the Middle East and other places.

SSD and Medicare

Do not cut social security and medicare. SSD is separate from FIT. We pay separately for SSD and Medicare through Paycheck Deductions just for these 2 programs. These are not an entitlement but an insurance type program that deducts our premiums from our paychecks. We pay for this and have earned our benefits. This money is not for use to run the Federal Government. No other insurance company would be allowed to do this to its clients. The funds for income tax to run the Federal Government are a separate deduction.

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Republicans threaten Government Shutdown

The threat by some House Republicans that if they didn’t get want they would shutdown the gov’t sounded a lot like a tantrum and probably were meant to terrorize us into accepting what they were/are willing to give us. We are but serfs in their eyes and should be grateful to the lords, ladies, kings and queens that are gracious enough to let us have any scraps. Anything more is an entitlement.

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Health insurance premiums are driven by the cost of healthcare . The actual cost of healthcare , ie the amount charged to patients and insurance companies, need to be addressed first. Then we need to address the for profit status of hospitals and providers so that the patient not stockholders come first.

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