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Donald Trump, muslims, and the constitution


Electoral College

It is important to remember that we are a republic. As a republic the rights of the minor are protected from the will of the majority. This protects individuals who are not part of the mainstream.
I did not vote for Donald Trump. The electoral college balances the weight of each state so that the states with the largest populations don’t run the country. All citizens and all states should have equal input not have their voices overshadowed by the few larger, densely populated states.

Native Americans right to their land and water

I am asking for your help. The United States, a nation with great potential, has been committing acts of terrorism against its Native American population so the United States can take their oil.
The land we, the United States, want to take by military force was given to the Native Americans in a peace treaty. The United States wants to run a pipeline thru the Native American lands without their permission. We have no right to this land or its resources.
Many atrocities have already occurred and are occurring as the Native Americans are using peaceful civil disobediance to block access to their sovereign lands.
We cannot effectively fight ISIS if we behave in the same manner as ISIS. We cannot expect the world to take us seriously as a nation fighting for democracy and human rights when we disregard the treaties with the indigenous people of this land. We used military force to take their homeland and way of life from them.
As a nation vowing to fight terrorism we must stop terrorizing our own people first.
Please help make this issue a priorty.

Thank you for your time and attention to this grave, time sensitive issue. From what I understand our government is going to use military force to steal the Native American lands and rights

Universal Healthcare

Healthcare is not an entitlement, its a requirement, premiums are high because it is a for profit business, with upper tier management making outrageous salaries and getting stock options.
The Declaration of Independence says we are entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. When we all share equally in the cost of healthcare the cost per person is less. When each state carries a separate burden, the citizens in more propsperous states pay less for better healthcare while the citizens in poor states pay more for inferior healthcare.
Let all Americans share the burden equally while limiting salaries and stock options of upper tier management to keep healthcare affordable for all. No one should be in the healthcare industry to get rich, especially when it comes from the suffering and illness of others.

Everyone must participate in the healthcare insurance system for it to work. We need to share the burden equally.

If you don’t pay into the healthcare pool then you shouldn’t expect to receive coverage when you enter the pool late because you are sick.

It is kind of like playing the lottery after the winners are drawn and being angry because you aren’t eligible for any of those winnings.