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Wedding Anniversary

Happy Anniversary. Your wedding was so beautiful and your love for each other shown so clear. The love and commitment you vowed to each other was etched on your hearts and showed in your eyes. Your children are the expression of your love’s eternal nature.


Marriage for All

Our constitution states keep church and state separate. Since marriage is a religious issue no governing entity in this country should be defining marriage. Same-sex marriage is constitutionally protected. We need to protect our rights from dictator-like minds and governing enties. Otherwise we make a mockery of what our soldiers have fought and died for in the Middle East and other places.

Night Ills

A flush of heat turns to burning ice
A quickening of air turns to loss of breath
Then a cough sets it right
Only to start all over again


The Romance, its what I enjoy the most. I love you and your romantic nature.
Walks in the park, holding hands, looking into your eyes, the warmth and love in your smile.
That’s the secret, the forever; That’s what its all about.