9/11 another year has passed. What makes our country great?

Hate will be overcome as we unite, in spite of our differences, and love each other even as we walk to different drummers and choose different paths. Let not color, sex, sexual orientation, or religion become dividers. We are a nation of many, a melting pot of diversity, a nation that strives to help each other, not a nation built on judgement or narrow mindedness, a nation that celebrates freedom. This is our greatest strength.

Trump comparison to Hitler on Facebook


Though I think Trump has some good ideas, he doesn’t represent what the Constitution and Declaration of Independence guarentee. We are a republic. A republic protects the rights of the minority from the will of the majority. All levels of our government are to protect the people’s right to the pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness.

There is supposed to be a separation of church and state, which means religious views should not be incorporated into our laws.

No one was given the right to limit another person’s rights because they find the other person’s beliefs unacceptable.

If someone has a different belief and you feel infringed see a pyschiatrist to learn empowerment. If you think killing and/or harming another is a solution have yourself committed until you respect others.

Many non immigrant and non Muslim people in the country engage in terroristic behavior. I know it is scary that we can’t tell who is safe and who is dangerous, but to think someone is dangerous who has not said they are part of the KKK, ISIS, a cult or other subversive group means we should lock everyone up.

Do we really want to become a police state? Do we really want leaders that have the same mentality as ISIS and other terrorist groups? Isn’t this what our men and women in the military are fighting against? What is the point of fighting for humane treatment of others if your own country doesn’t support the humane treatment of those at home?

Distribute the Wealth

16 minutes ago near Bechtelsville ·

The wage earner needs to make enough money to support the wage payer. What’s wrong with distributing the wealth, the middle class lives with mandatory trickle up economics but the upper class only has voluntary trickle down economics. They pay us what they want and charge us what they want. The upper class is dependent on the middle class for their wealth and expect us to continue to carry them, as they drive down our wages through increased prices, charging us more for benefits (a back door pay cut) and controlling the interest we pay on our loans.


Duke a Jack-hua-hua, and a mamma’s boy
Sweetpea, a Jack-hua-hua, is a mothering, bossy girl

Duke's butt 12/29/11

Duke’s butt 12/29/11

duke and sweetpea Oct 09

duke and sweetpea Oct 09

Duke sitting on Eyas neck 10/13/09

Duke sitting on Eyas neck 10/13/09

Puppy pile 08/17/10

Puppy pile 08/17/10