People who are offended by someone’s jokes or comments, even sexual ones, need to realize that these jokes and comments are not harrassment but a difference of opinion as to what is acceptable

Anyone can be offended by anything. Mental well-being and healthy self-esteem are tied to empowerment. Empowerment in this case involves owning one’s own behavior and not owning someone else’s behavior. It is one’s choice how one takes or accepts a comment.
When someone lets a comment bother them, they give it power. When a comment bounces off someone it has no power over them. It just shrivels up and dies. No one actually has the power to make you feel or react a certain way unless you allow it.
A person cannot control how someone takes their comments. What is innocent to one person can be twisted up into something nasty by someone else. What is meant to be nasty can be reduced to non-malignant when it is not treated as nasty by the recipient.
A person is the master of their own feelings. If a person allows other people’s comments to control them they are trapped by the words of everyone around them.
Books like “The Road Less Traveled” offer insight on how to incorporate empowerment into one’s life and no longer to be tossed about by others words. I still struggle with this. I try to remember to avoid saying or thinking,
“You make me mad or whatever I am feeling” and replace the thought or statement with “I feel mad when this or that happens”. This helps me to be in control of myself instead of being controlled by others.


The Wall, diversity, and taking care of each other

I did not vote for this wall that will serve to imprison us like the Berlin Wall did the Germans under the thumb of Communist Russia. That money would be better spent on healthcare and education.

How un-American of America and unChristian of Christian Americans. We are abandoning our creed to welcome foreigners to our shores giving them the same opportunities for a better life. We lie when we spread false stories about how evil immigrants are and how much more crime they commit. So much more crime is committed by our own citizens. A wall won’t help with that.

We are a nation built by immigrants that used terroristic war on the native peoples to steal their land from them and destroy their culture.

Diversity is what makes America great, not a single race society composed of supposedly “decent” people. Remember Nazi Germany, Communist Russia, and the monarchy ruled Europe we fled from.

We were great because we not only protected all people but also created laws to stop the environmental hazards caused by industry and poor treatment of workers by employers and corporations.

For example, we forced poor men to work in underground mines for our energy supply. If they didn’t die in industry related accidents they and their families still had their lifespan shortened and health compromised by the dirty air they had to breathe in the mines as well as the air and water outside which was also adversely affected by this industry.

Then to make matters worse instead of providing free training for these men and women to become workers in the safer, financially stable, growing clean energy industry you sent these people back to the mines.

Someone needs to remind this government that we are people.. Until you and your administration see us as people with rights things will only get worse for us.


Lisa Hathaway

1846 N Main St

Bechtelsville, PA 19505


I am an average Americans. I was raised by a small time elected official who didn’t play politics. He taught me so much.

The world I live in gets scarier and scarier. Everything, every human flaw, has become a crime, a reason to discount the good people do. We lost Al Franken over an incident when he was a comedian. It may have been tasteless but if you watch TV sitcoms such behavior gets ratings, how confusing. Personally I think the follow up accusers may have been politically motivated. Franken was a threat and now he is gone.

People do not have any idea how to ignore comments.

We are destroying romance and human connection. A stolen kiss has been a part of romantic movies forever, now it is a crime.

If we are not vulnerable we are not open.

Empowerment is the healhiest mental state, it is the act or art of not owning what others say or do. Each individual is responsible for how they react to and perceive incoming data. If you choose to not be offended by something you are free, it has no power of you. If you choose to not react to something it has no power over you.      There are things we should choose to be angry about, offended by, disgusted with etc. It should not be lewd comments or stolen kisses.

The New Definition of Sexual Harassment

According to the new definition everything is sexual harassment from jokes to rape. However there is an ocean between vulgar joking and rape, yet they are treated as equally offensive.
Sexual harassment is when you are actually threatened for not accepting the advances and/or being physically violated.
Empowerment is not owning someone else’s behavior, thoughts, etc. True mental well being and a healthy psychological state come from empowerment. In other words if you are offended by someone else’s speech or non invasive action you may need therapy to learn not to own it and be reactive to others. If someone hugs a coworker and they aren’t offended a third party should not be able to report sexual harassment.
When we approach life proactively instead of reactively the rude and verbally hurtful people have no power over us. It can be hard to learn but each person choses to be offended or not offended.
When family/friends have groped me I told them loudly and point blank to grope their spouse who was usually close by. I didn’t get mean or run to daddy to save me. I am a big girl, not a damsel in distress who needs the knight on a white horse (police, court, management) to rescue me. If I am brutally attacked and can’t stop the attack then I need help.
Men will become afraid to be spontaneous and romantic if we are not more clear about what sexual conduct actually is sexual harassment/ a violation/ rape. My son thought spontaneously kissing a girl or taking her hand is sexual harassment after classes in school.

Men Are Not The Enemy

Men are not the enemy.
1) The future is female is just as offensive and discriminatory against men as women being told to take a back seat or not to speak about male subjects. The phrase should be something like “The future is people”.

Sadly the sexism pendulum seems to be swinging the other way. This means we as women are fine if the sexism is against men instead of fighting sexism against all. Nothing truly changes if the two sides simply switch roles.
2) A pat on the butt is not rape or sexual misconduct it is just rude. Tell the person who patted your butt to stop. Many times women treat men the same way. I worked in an office and we had fun, sometimes with sexual innuendo. You can’t know how someone else is going to take what you say or do. Perception can be skewed by many things, among them a thin skin or emotional trauma. If the intent is not to demean but in fun then it is not sexual misconduct. We need to address this.
I have felt this way since I was a little girl who could play with trucks at school without issue while my brother was sent to the school counselor for playing with dolls, when I would see commercials that showed being a housewife as a weak, man controlled position, if both people are drunk only the woman was violated, why a women can hit a man and he can’t hit her back, etc.  I have had a problem with the hypocrisy of the women’s movement.
I do believe and understand that there are real abuses against women and men as well. Both sexes do horrible things to each other and members of their own sex. The high road is not always persecution and prosecution. It really depends on the act. Rape, assault, and murder are the worst crimes. Being denied a promotion or fired because you didn’t accept someone’s advances is a crime. Flirting, minor touching, whistling, sexual comments can be rude and offensive, it’s a matter of perception.
We need to stand behind the truth not the same sex.

I Did Not Vote for

To our government officials,

I did not vote for a wall that will serve to imprison us like the Berlin Wall did the Germans under the thumb of Communist Russia. That money would be better spent on healthcare and education.

I did not vote to have funds that we and our employers pay into a special Social Security Account embezzled by other government programs.

I didn’t vote to have the Evanglical Christian groups use the government to regulate my christian beliefs or those of any other religious group. They have a right to not follow the humanitarian and tolerant teachings of Christ but they shouldn’t be able to impose such beliefs on anyone else or our constitutional protections have been violated.

Your personal lives are none of my business. I only want you to protect our rights under the constitution

– that says all men are equal,

– That church (i.e. Religious) beliefs should not influence our government.

– That who someone chooses to marry is a religious issue and not subject to government legislation. If the government bans same sex marriage it has violated 1 of our basic constitutional rights, etc.

– That abortion is a personal, religious matter and the government needs to avoid becoming like China – legislating who lives and who dies. When we give the government the right to say we can’t have an abortion it gives them the right to force us to have an abortion.
The bible does not address abortion, it tends to treat an unborn child as property and not a separate person. For example where a woman who had relations outside of marriage can be stoned even if she was pregnant and at the same time that if someone causes a woman to lose her unborn child they shall be punished by her husband and then the judges will determine payment. This reaffirms that this is a family matter. I don’t personally believe in abortion and taught my children the same value.
The constitution says the president, first and foremost, is our chief diplomat, to represent us around the world. The president is also the Commander in Chief subject to Congressional oversight. The president can veto a bill or accept a bill as law. However, all laws are created by Congress. There is so much I hoped you would try to restore, but you seem more interested in fighting and returning us to a feudal state as you are being tricked into helping the power hungry erode more of our constitional rights under the false and incorrect interpretations of the Bible.

Original Constitionalists, 3 Bodies of Government and Political Parties

I do not wish to be affiliated with any political party. I belong to the Democratic party not because I am a democrat but because our current system tends to require a party affliation to participate effectively in elections and such. I believe, as George Washington did, that political parties are wrong and only serve to divide the people and the country. I have a lot more to say about this. That is for another day.
Democrats do stand for the National Anthem. Democrats believe in America as much as Republicans. To attack and lie about Democrats’ patriotism is Fake News. Are you aware that God and Jesus both list lying as a sin? We are commanded to take care of the poor not to judge them. We are commanded to serve others, not to be power hungry and greedy. A very rich man has a very had time following the Lord as he can only get rich by ignoring the commandments of God and Jesus. To atone for this he would have to give most of his riches back to those with less. Humanitarianism is a principal of the Declaration of Independence, an ideal the Founding Fathers built into our Constitution.
As I have mentioned the Constitution let me expound on some of my views about the Constiution. Also, the Declaration of Independence is the litmus test for all amendments the Constitution. If a law or amendment conflicts with the Declaration of Independence it needs to be removed from our Constitution. They were both created as a part of our government’s checks and balances.
As a true original constitutionalist I take exception to those who claim to be part of this group and 1) want religious beliefs to be law 2) want to reduce the power of the Federal Government and the Constitution to protect us from State and Local governments that deny and try to circumvent and/or take away our constitional rights 3) want to curtail free speech and attack the free press 4) don’t respect the constitional powers of the 3 bodies of government.
The president takes an oath to uphold our Consitution. He should not look for ways to dismantle or undermine our Consitution. The president is 1st and foremost our Chief Diplomat, is our Commander in Chief, and either signs into law or vetoes the bills created by Congress.
The Congress is the only body of the government that the constitution gave the power to make law. When laws are based upon party ideals we lose. The members of Congress 1st and foremost directive is to uphold the Constitution. Sadly, our members of Congress serve their political party 1st and the Consitution second.
The Supreme Court is also to uphold the Consitution. In order to uphold the Constitution the Supreme Court found it necessary to perform judicial review beginning in 1803. Judicial review is the process of determing whether a law is consitutional. This function is not clearly defined in the Constitution. Judicial review became the function of the Supreme Court during the case of Marbury vs. Madison. Prior to that the Supreme Court did not perform judicial review.
The Supreme Court is supposed to be an independent non party panel of judges. They are not to be part of any political process or subject to any particular political ideology. Sadly, the Supreme Court is not an independent panel anymore as our judges are chosen because of party affliations and party loyalty, i.e. how well the current president thinks they will interpret the consitution to meet his party’s ideals. Check out the writings of Hamilton and Madison that explain the Founding Fathers intent when creating the Supreme Court.
Be aware the “ism’s” (sexism, racism, classism etc) will never be solved by the government. The government needs them to divide the people and stay in power over the people. “We the People” will not have control of our government until we set our “ism’s” aside and become 1 People under 1 country and 1 constitution. Individuals are flawed and those flaws cannot be used to devalue good ideas and laws.